Local Clubs hit by rise in thefts


Essex County Cricket Club would like to raise awareness to those involved in Cricket after a local club had multiple valuable items stolen during their match.

Chappel & Wakes Colne Cricket Club made us aware of what happened after they had been made the most recent victim of a crime wave, during the first innings of their game with Tendering, on Sunday afternoon.

During the innings, players from either side had personal belongings stolen including wallets, phones and house/car keys. The Club may have been a target because of how isolated their ground is.

This epidemic has now spread, hitting Dunmow, South Weald, Noak Hill, Orsett and Springfield who have all been victims this summer.

Billericay Cricket Club were also targeted on Sunday afternoon, with this being the second time they have been affected by thieves recently.

Graham Pryke, Cricket Development Manager at The Essex County Cricket Board said; “Can everyone please get this message out and be very vigilant. Look to put locks on your doors that are perhaps out of site. Keep valuables out of the way and hopefully we can return to enjoying our Cricket again.”

If your club has been affected by this spate of crime, please get in touch with The Essex County Cricket Board.