WATCH | Essex Cricket supports Active Essex Special Schools Games 2016


Essex County Cricket Club appeared at the Active Essex Special School Games in Basildon to promote cricket within the lives of disabled children in Essex.

Writes Matt Lee…

The Eagles ran one of the many sporting activities for young people from numerous schools around Essex. Those who took part in the sporting spectacle thoroughly enjoyed the festival.

The event, which is now in its third year after being commissioned in 2013, was labelled as huge success by Patrick Ward, Disability Cricket Development Manager.

He also hoped that Cricket would leave a lasting legacy on those who took part earlier today;

“It started with a group from Marketfield Special School who noticed they were not getting a chance to feature in the School Games, so they wanted one for all the special schools”, said Ward.

We’re involved because it forms part of our school cricket programme, we’re in six special schools at the moment delivering cricket.

“Most of the schools we deliver cricket are here today; one it raises our brand awareness so people know of the options out there but [these events] also lets us have a chance to meet new schools that maybe were not involved before.

“They’re really enjoying what they’re here to do. They’re here to have fun, enjoy it and hopefully, by giving them the opportunity, they’ll get it as part of their culture and want to play it more in the future.”